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Bài viết đánh giá

The British Shorthair cat (BSH cat) is the oldest cat in Britain. They were born by random mating between ancient Egyptian cats and British domestic cats. According to recorded information, at a period, the BSH cat seemed to be on the verge of extinction due to difficult breeding and the introduction of other cat species. However, cat breeders with all their effort have successfully preserved this breed.

1. Appearance

British Shorthair cats have a relatively round body, a large skeleton combined with a muscular chest that make them look very toned and strong. The ratio between body length and 4 legs is quite different. The BSH cat has short legs with large round paws, very thick and soft padding. Thanks to that features, their steps are gently, flexible, no sound is emitted. The tail is covered with a super thick coat. They have a cute and small mouth, their cheeks are plump like two dumplings, their upright ears are small and thin, look incommensurate to the size of head and. The most impressive feature of the breed is its big round glitter eyes in two colors of blue or golden, which looks overly cute.

The BSH cat's coat is always shiny and smooth. It feels like putting your hands on a velvet carpet when you touch it. The average weight of an adult BSH cat ranges from 4 - 8.5 kg.

They have a high average lifespan that is from 14 to 20 years depending on living and caring conditions. In some areas, the life expectancy of where BSH cat is less than the average number.

2. Personality

BSH cats are benign, extremely affectionate, and close to people. They cling to their owners, love to be cuddled and caressed. they are mischievous as kitten but when growing up, they prefer to lie down and enjoy a quiet peaceful space, close their eyes and sleep. BSH cats are independent, so if you are busy and don't have time to play with, just give them a ball and they will play all day without getting bored. However, BSH cats also have bad traits, they are extremely lazy and inactivity, it is the main reason why many BSH cats are obese. Their owners must regularly train them to exercise if they do not want their cats to be overweight.

3. How to care for a British Longhair cat


BSH cats are easy to adapt new living environments and not too picky eaters. However, for their best growth, you still need to keep some important things-to-do in mind:

BSH cat's food is quite diverse, whether it is homemade foods or commercial ones, they all love to eat. However, no matter what types of foods, you also need to add enough nutrients such as protein, vitamins, fiber, starch, etc. Chicken, beef, organs, eggs are all favorite dishes of these "bosses".

Commercial foods contain high carbohydrate. Therefore, you should choose food brands that have ingredients containing less fat and carbohydrate to prevent your cat from becoming obese.

Wet foods like pate and cheese are good things for the development of BSH cats. You can buy it from the store or cook it yourself to save money. Homemade foods need to be cooked, not fermented, without other animal milk or chocolate since these ingredients adversely affect the cat's digestive system.

The daily diet of BSH cats should also be suitable to their age, ensure adequate nutrition and daily calorie intake. BSH cat love to lay down, so excess fat is easy to accumulate and cause obese, or serious kidney and cardiovascular diseases that may reduce their life expectancy.

Health care

When raising any cat breed, you should ensure their stable health by:

  • Vaccinating cats at a young age, complete 3 shots before the cat is 1 year old.
  • Regularly taking them to veterinarian for health check every 6 months
  • Ensuring their living space should be spacious and clean
  • Cleaning areas prone to dirt and be havens of bacteria such as ears, eyes, nose, mouth, and chin. Use a special cleaning and washing solution and maintain this job about once a week.

Coat Care

The coat of BSH cats is relatively thick, so you need to brush them regularly to avoid sticking, lice and dirt. BSH cats need to be brushed at least once a day. Bathing should be regularly once a week to clear odors and bacteria on their fur. Summer in Vietnam is quite hot, you should let them live in place with air conditioner to avoid heat shock.

With the popularity of this cat breed in Vietnam, it is not difficult to find places selling BSH cats in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces across the country.

There is information about the BSH cat breeds, characteristics, care, as well as where to buy and sell. Letrungpet believes that having a cat by your side will always bring you a lot of joy, happiness, and energy every day.  Access Letrungpet.com for more interesting articles, adorable pets, and premium pet items!

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